HOUSTON (CBS Houston): The Oakland Raiders have more issues than just what city they may want to play in.

General manager Reggie McKenzie, who somehow kept his job after dismissing 3 head coaches since he took over in 2012, apparently doesn’t find the NFL Combine to be all that interesting.

An NFL fan watching the combine at home posted this video to YouTube when McKenzie was shown live by NFL Network while he was…….let’s say he was doing what most Raiders fans feel he’s been doing since he was hired.



There’s only 32 of these jobs in the world, so why work hard at it?

Maybe this is why the Raiders are lousy?

At least he took Matt Schaub off the Texans’ hands.  Houston owes him some gratitude for that.





Patrick Creighton is the host of “Nate & Creight” and “Heated Conversations” on Sportsradio 610.  Follow him on Twitter: @PCreighton1





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