HARRIS COUNTY, Tex. (CBS Houston) – A Harris County Sheriff’s deputy is being allowed to keep his beard and wear his turban while on patrol.

KPRC-TV reports that Sandeep Dhaliwal has been a deputy with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department for six years.  The department’s dress code was enforced and Dhaliwal was not able to have a beard or wear a turban.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia worked with the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund to change the department’s policy, according to KPRC.

Garcia hopes this change will inspire other law enforcement agencies to make accommodations to employees for religious reasons.

The sheriff’s office has became the largest law enforcement agency in the United States to allow a Sikh deputy to serve with Sikhism’s articles of faith, according to a press release.

The sheriff’s office went on to say that an accommodation to allow for an exemption from the department dress code policy will be determined by the Sheriff or his designee on a case by case basis.

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