By Garret Heinrich

Arian Foster might have started the talk on Sunday night, talking about the Texans possibly changing their uniforms for 2015. While we know that will not happen. These things are normally a few years in the making for teams to change their uniforms because of manufacturing and distributing and the entire process of design. We probably would have already heard about the Texans changing their jerseys, logo, whatever.

What could happen is what Foster mentioned in one of his tweets:

The possibility of just changing up the set up of jersey and pant combination is always a possibility. The Texans currently have all three of their logo colors in jersey and pants, so they can combine those however they want. Also, the addition of a different color helmet would not be a big change. Red and white helmets would take the current uniforms to another dimension of options. Not Oregon Ducks level, but it would expand the mix and match.

The Texans have been around for 12 years. They can’t lean on their own history, which is good. It allows Nike and the NFL to branch out, like they did (to failure) with the Jaguars helmets and the Bucs new jerseys, but to much success with the Seahawks new look that should become the blueprint for re-branding in the NFL. Nike is smart enough to know that fan bases of teams like the Cowboys, Packers, Steelers, Bears & 49ers, that have both a long history in the NFL and a lot of success, won’t want new jerseys, helmets and completely new looks.  Nike will look at teams like the Texans, Panthers, Titans (who haven’t been around long) and even the Chargers and Lions (who have been around awhile but don’t have much success) to start making changes.

Just adding new helmets isn’t that fun. If things are going to change, let’s change them. Yesterday I did some similar-to-the-current style uniform changes that go along with what Arian Foster had to say about them. Today, I want to change the look overall. I looked at a lot of the comments on Facebook and took some of those suggestions. I looked at some other sports for inspiration and I looked at Houston and Texans football history as well.

Here are some ideas I put together for six different style jerseys, pants and five different helmets and socks.


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I love the idea of incorporating the state of Texas whenever you can in the Texans uniforms. I would put it on the front pocket area of all the pants, if you want. I think is is cool, distinctive and draws on the history of the name “Texans”. One thing about football jerseys I wish would change is that they aren’t unique. Some of the throwback jerseys we see a few times a year are, but nothing in the traditional set is special except neon on the Seahawks. It’s sad that the most innovative thing that has worked since Nike took over is adding neon green trim to the Seattle uniforms.  They can do more.  Jerseys can be so much more.  I believe hockey sweaters are the best jerseys in sports and a big part of that is the uniqueness.  These jerseys are a step out, they are different, but I think they are sharp.

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This set is a little more basic than the previous set, but it incorporates the Houston Oilers blue.  That blue screams Houston.  The problem is the Titans kept it when they took the Oilers and moved them to Tennessee.  That is part of the reason I don’t want too much of it.  The Texans have to play the Titans twice a year.  They should never wear this set against them.  But the uniform would be extremely popular in Houston, and it’s a simple logo color adjustment on the new red helmets that would keep the look new and different while still paying tribute to the history of the city.

These are some different looks.  Please give more suggestions in the comments.  There are probably 1,000 different good ideas out there and just as many bad, but we know if change does come not everyone will be happy.

And maybe Arian Foster will get his voice heard by the powers that be and get some new uniforms for the Texans, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to get J.J. Watt on his side, because $100,000,000.