By Matt Hammond, Sports Radio 610By Matt Hammond

No, Super Bowl 49 wasn’t the most exciting ever. But it was close. [Five Thirty Eight]

It’s been a long, bumpy road for Malcolm Butler, the hero of Super Bowl 49. [Providence Journal]

Tom Brady, the owner of seven new Super Bowl records. [Elias Sports Bureau]

Apparently, Russell Wilson couldn’t audible out of that horrendous play call. [@CalvinWatkins]

Obligatory fun with Darrell Bevell’s Wiki page. [@GreggDoyelStar]

Of that play call, Arian Foster and NFL players on Twitter do not approve. [SB Nation]

Sunday’s best Super Bowl ads, as ranked by you, the viewer. [USA Today]

No, Tom Brady didn’t blow off Richard Sherman’s postgame handshake. [Yahoo! Sports]

Marshawn Lynch’s best postgame quote yet. [@JimTrotter_NFL]

Not having say over personnel did in Parcells and Carroll, and getting it has been key for Belichick, says the guy who hired all three. []

Here’s Nationwide, trying to justify its mood-killing Super Bowl spot. [Darren Rovell]

Maybe the tweet of the Super Bowl. [@jaredwsmith]

Really not gonna let this go, are you, New York Daily News? [@RichardDeitsch]

SWI: Sharking while drunk. [Funny Vines]

There’s always one… [SB Nation]