By Garret Heinrich

Arian Foster says he’d like the Texans to make some changes to their uniforms.  We decided to help out the Texans running back and took to photoshop to see what we could come up with (Here are our more adventurous designs).

Foster said this year he really wanted to wear a red jersey with blue pants, so we started with that one as the new home set up.  This is actually a combination that could be used with the current uniforms if the team wanted to, just with new helmets.


Foster did tweet that he liked the idea of a white helmet, which we love, so it is the new helmet for all the uniforms.  The away set up is different from what would be seen during any current Texans game.  The leg and sock striping really make this an awesome look.  Also adding a third block of color on the selves changes this uniform up a lot and would really look cool.


The alternate jerseys are a bit of a flip of the road, with blue as the main color and an odd red number look might not be what Marc Vandermeer wants to see, but we think it looks very clean.  Pinstripes on the socks and the piping down the leg is something you don’t see on many NFL uniforms these days give this set a very unique look.


Normally all white hard to pull off, but with the never fails color pallet of red, white and blue it is easy to make look good.  Simple look, with no extra color on the sleeves and just slight accents of red and blue throughout.



Tell us what you think about these possible uniform changes.  Maybe we’ll toss together a few more this week and see if the Texans don’t bite.