By Garret Heinrich

PHOENIX (CBS HOUSTON) – Eric Winston, veteran NFL offensive lineman and NFLPA President, talked to Mike Meltser and Seth Payne on radio row in Phoenix a few days before the Super Bowl.

Ozzie Newsome, Baltimore Ravens General Manager, and Judge Barbara Jones, both of whom said Ray Rice described his incident of domestic violence with his then fiance exactly how the video tape released later showed. While NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell said that Rice’s statement was ambiguous.

Eric Winston was asked if it is safe to believe Newsome and Judge Jones over Goodell.

“There was nothing ambiguous about it,” Winston said. “Our lawyers were in there. They took notes.”

“It was a b.s. scheme to suspend (Rice) for the rest of the year,” Winston told Meltser and Payne about the NFL’s actions against Rice to suspend him for the full season after an initial two game suspension.

Winston thinks the League was extended the extension to keep Rice away from the NFL, “They knew they couldn’t do it lawfully, so they just said, ‘you know what, screw it we’re just going to make some stuff up and we’re going to go do it.’ And that is all that happened. It’s very simple. It was not a complicated scheme to try and outwit (The Players Association).”

Rice won an appeal on November 28th to have the full year suspension overturned and be reinstated into the NFL. By that time Rice had been cut by the Ravens and didn’t have any NFL teams approach him to join their roster.

“It was, (the NFL didn’t) want Ray Rice on the field. [The NFL] screwed it up the first time. [The NFL] can’t really lawfully do it the second time. But [the NFL is] just going to make something up. [Roger Goodell and others were] just going to get together and [they are] all going to kind of say the same thing, even if it’s not true. And we all know it’s not true.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell has still yet to really answer questions about the issue with Ray Rice, the video, and how the NFL handled the entire situation. A report by former FBI agent Robert Mueller did find that the NFL had never seen the in elevator tape that was released by TMZ and led to the second suspension for Ray Rice.