By Cody Stoots

Phoenix (CBS Houston) – Although he didn’t set prolific rushing records in the Big 12, former TCU standout LaDainian Tomlinson knows his alma mater’s new conference needs to change the way things are done. 

“Absolutley,” he said when asked if the Big 12 needed to add a championship game. “We both know they need it if they want to be able to state their case for the playoff in the future, they need that game.”

With just 10 teams in the conference right now, no championship game is played. Expansion has been a hot topic for the Big 12, but Tomlinson mentioned there may not be attractive schools to add to the current 10 members.

A championship game for the Big 12 last season would have had TCU and Baylor play again for the Big 12 championship, a game the Hor Frogs likely would have been favorites in regardless of their loss in the first game against the Bears. There currently exists a rule against conferences with less than 12 teams having a football championship though.

Despite his Horn Frogs failing to make the playoff Tomlinson agreed this year was a step in the right direction for college football.

“That created so much excitement in college football,” he said.

The argument was there for TCU being a better matchup with some of the teams in the playoff according to the college football hall of fame back. He mentioned TCU-Oregon as a potential interesting matchup but went on to say undefeated Florida State couldn’t be left out.

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