HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The Rockets may be 28-and-13, but Indiana coach Frank Vogel thinks Houston has potential for better things as the season goes on and continues into the postseason.

“I think they haven’t really gotten to where they can be,” Vogel said. “I think the improvements that they’ve made on the defensive end put them right at the top of the conversation for making a deep playoff run and their offensive firepower is something that once it fully gets clicking, which I feel like it hasn’t fully gotten clicking and I hope it doesn’t until after tonight, the combination of being dominant offensively and dominant defensively gives them a great chance to make a great run.”

The Rockets are coming off a 131-106 loss to the league-leading Warriors on Saturday. The Pacers are coming off four straight losses and have a record of 15-27.

“I was thinking, if we can get our guys to play like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson tonight, I think we’ve got a great chance,” Vogel joked. “I’m just being facetious. The Warriors have been doing that to everybody all year, so I don’t know if it’s anything that’s easily repeatable. I think you have to play to the strengths of your basketball team and hopefully do your best.”


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