Kevin McHale was still fuming over Saturday’s blowout 131-106 loss to Golden State when he met with the media Sunday.

“We gotta get better.  I mean hey, we gotta get on their ass a little more I guess. We’re gonna jump ’em…In our league the one thing you gotta bring as a player is bring is a great effort. You might not always have your A-game every night, but you bring your A-effort. That’s not incumbent on you. You’ve gotta do it. Now, we gotta do a better job as coaches at getting on ’em and substituting early or whatever, but I always felt as a player, it was your job to bring your best effort. Even though you bring your best effort doesn’t mean the ball is going to go in, doesn’t mean every pass is going to be perfect, doesn’t mean every defense assignment is going to go your way, but you’re bringing effort to everything you do. There’s seems to be a, a definite link between us having things go well for us offensively then our effort being higher and things not going well for us offensively and our effort being…You can’t be so fragile that your effort all depends on if the ball goes in or not.”

His players got the message because that is exactly what they echoed when speaking about what went wrong and what it will take to fix it. Dwight Howard said after practice Sunday, “We are going to have bad games, you know. We play 82 games. Every game is not perfect. You’re gonna get beat some times, but when your effort is not there it looks bad. Last night as a team, I don’t think our effort was not there. So we just gotta pick that up.”

The Rockets have a chance to bounce back on MLK Monday versus the Pacers at Toyota Center for a special 4:30 pm tip.

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