HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Less than 24 hours after the Rockets lost to the Pelicans 111-83, Kevin McHale is hoping for a better effort from his team on Saturday night against the Heat.

“I wished we never played again, are you kidding me?” Kevin McHale said when asked about the Friday night loss. “It sucked. We were terrible. I’d like to retire. It was terrible. I mean, it was a sh-tty game.

“We didn’t play last night,” he continued. “We came out with no juice and they just pounded us. Give (the Pelicans) credit, but we didn’t put up much of a fight last night. We’ve got to be better than that. That was just a bad game to be involved in, bad game to watch again and again and again. It was terrible.”

The Rockets had been allowing under a hundred points a game for much of the season. In their last five games, a span in which the Rockets have had a 2-3 record, the team is allowing 103.8 points per contest.

“For the time being, we’ve allowed the ball in the paint steadily,” McHale said. “We’re not doing our job. We’ve got to get the ball stopped. The guys have got to get back in front. It’s very rudimentary things when it goes bad. Our basics right now, as far as what we’re doing – we’re falling apart. And it’s one guy on one play. It’s two guys on one play. But on any one particular series, some guy is not tied in and screwing up and that just can’t happen.”

McHale did not blame the lack of defensive cohesion on chemistry as the Rockets are trying to work in the recently-acquired Josh Smith, Corey Brewer, and Alexey Shved.

“We don’t look at that,” McHale said. “We’ve just got to fight our way through it. You can make up a million different excuses and point fingers of all kinds, but we’re (just) not playing very well.”




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