By Garret Heinrich

[UPDATE: Kevin Sumlin has removed the Student Assistant,  Mike Richardson, a former player who hit two Mountaineers players.]

We’re not sure who the staff member is on the Texas A&M Aggies sideline, but he doesn’t like the West Virginia Mountaineers players. At all. This unknown man on has taken two blatant swings at Mountaineers players and as of the publication of this post, it’s only half-time in the Liberty Bowl.

Here is the video evidence from former NFL punter Pat McAfee:

Judging by the head set it would seem like he is a coach, but we aren’t sure [Since posting it was revealed that Mike Richardson a former defensive end and student assistant is the person taking punches at WVU players].  Here is another shot he took.

Our guess is that this guy will be looking for a job tomorrow.

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