Oklahoma City, Okla. (CBS HOUSTON) — An Oklahoma City father is angry after his middle school son was assigned homework that details a scene in which a student beats and then slits the throat of his teacher.

Larry Nethercutt’s 13-year-old son Wyatt was assigned the worksheet as part of an 8th grade verb-circling homework task at Western Heights Middle School, KWTV reports. Wyatt stopped doing the homework assignment after reading question three on the worksheet.

“Once I got to it, I went to my mom immediately and said, ‘Mom, this just took a really dark turn,'” Wyatt told KWTV. “It kept going through my head, like the images of it…I stopped reading it and I couldn’t read it anymore or else I’d get the images in my head still.”

Wyatt’s father said he was angered the more he read the assignment.

“I was shocked,” Nethercutt told KWTV. “When I got to the phrase, ‘slit her throat,’ that’s where I stopped and that’s when I picked up the phone.”

Some of the questions read: “He, then, dumped her body in the woods behind the school…. Police were notified when a pool of blood was found in the women’s bathroom… No one knows what caused him to kill his teacher.”

The middle school assignment makes reference to the October 2013 murder of a Massachusetts teacher at a school in which a 15-year-old was accused of the crime.

Nethercutt met with the teacher who assigned the worksheet and the principal, with both saying his son could be exempt from uncomfortable worksheets in the future.

“I feel like I speak for the rest of the parents that this is not, this material shouldn’t even be in this school building. This should not even be an option,” Nethercutt told KWTV.

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