By Garret Heinrich

We all understand that Thanksgiving is about looking at the world around you and being thankful for all that you have. That is the umbrella vision of Thanksgiving.  In our heart of hearts we know Thanksgiving is about football, drinking and dealing with family.  So we decided come up with a little drinking game to help you on your way to a wonderful holiday on Thursday.

Here is the Thanksgiving Day Football And Family Drinking Game:

Click For Full Size Image

Click For Full Size Image

This game is intended for beer consumption, but mixed drinks or shots can be switched out if you so dare.   Specific family members can also be added/substituted if needed.

1 sip – TV shows a cooked turkey during game

2 sips –  TV shows an animated turkey during game

1/2 your drink  TV shows a live turkey during game

2 sips – Touchdown scored

1 sip – Field goal scored

Quick Chug – Aunt/Uncle makes inappropriate joke

1/2 your drink – Successful coaches challenge

1 sip – Someone asks who’s playing

3 sips – someone asks how work is going

1/2 your drink – Aikmen Gushes over Romo

2 sips – Richard Sherman vs Michael crabtree mentioned during game

1/2 your drink – Calvin Johnson refereed to as “megatron” during game

FYD – someone drops something in the kitchen

FYD – someone asks to turn on parade

This Thanksgiving Day Drinking Game game can encompass your entire day of family fun.  Please be responsible, have fun and most importantly, have a Happy Thanksgiving.



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