NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — A new study has shown that small distractions could help kill cravings.

A study conducted by Richard Weil M.Ed. CDE, the director of the Weight Loss Program at Mt. Sinai-St.Luke’s Hospital, looked at the effect of tapping the forehead, tapping the ear, toe tapping and staring at a wall which served as a control.

Tests found that tapping the forehead was the most effective method and neutralized cravings by up to 10 percent more than the other exercises.

“This reinforces the idea that it’s possible to distract ourselves from craving even our favorite foods no matter how much we weigh, and this could be used as a weight loss strategy,” Dr. Weill said.

Some are more skeptical of the study’s results than others.

“Go to workout, you walk, you jog, that’s making you lose weight. Not tapping your head!” one man said.

Researchers did note that tapping your feet is far more discreet than tapping your head in public.