D.J. Swearinger is trying to be the best teammate he can be, or maybe he was just taken aback by the subject matter. It seems that the guy who is never at a loss for words, has a bit more trouble finding them when showered with compliments.

Opposing coaches have called out Swearinger as someone they now have to game plan around. The latest was Chip Kelly in his conference call with the Houston media, “He’s (Swearinger) a tough, hardnosed, physical player. A real impact player from the third level, at the secondary and also when they move him to dime linebacker, you get him involved in the front. He’s one of those impact safeties in the game.”

Swearinger went into cliché mode when asked how he felt being recognized by other teams.

“Um, well, um, well, I mean, if the other coaches are doing, saying something about me, I mean, I feel like I’m doing something right. I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and um, I’m just trying, trying to do what I gotta do to help my team win this week. Whether it’s forcing a turnover like I want to do, or it’s, you know, making a play on 3rd down, whatever I gotta do to help my team win, I’m gonna try to do.”

Swearinger was definitely more comfortable addressing the challenges the defense faces Sunday versus the Eagles. He, as has anyone else who has been asked about the game, stressed the speed of the offense, but he feels having played similar offenses like Auburn and Clemson in college, he knows how to beat it. The second year safety also used this opportunity to explain why he has shown frustration when players are not where they are supposed to be. “If we line up and show them that we’re lined up, we’ll be fine. If we line up and communicate and don’t get out of position, but if we get out of position, that’s when the big plays happen.”

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