Without education expanding further, players still put themselves at unnecessary riskBy Cody Stoots

Houston (CBS Houston) – The president of the National Football League Players Association thinks there is still a long way to go for the league and the way they handle concussions.

“I just shake my head and just realize how much further we have to go in educating everybody,” said NFLPA president Eric Winston Thursday on In the Loop on SportsRadio 610.

He said they have spent so much time educating the players and it has paid off for the league. He mentioned there are seemingly less helmet-to-helmet hits in the league and players will benefit from the decreased number.

It isn’t stopping with the players though. Winston says concussion awareness needs to spread.

“We got to keep pushing this message out there and we got to keep educating other influential people like coaches and like [general managers], probably, and obviously that message isn’t getting to some of them.”

Winston said there is a disconnect between what the players are being told and what coaches and general managers are being told.

Better awareness would lead to less players taking the field before being ready to play according to Winston.

He laid out a theoretical scenario where a player has a concussion deemed “mild”, but still doesn’t feel normal. He said the mild classifier, which he spoke out against on Twitter yesterday, pressures the player to get back on the field before they are ready.

Reservations about discussing injures from players and coaches, according to Winston, are there to protect the players who don’t heal as quick as others might.

“You never want to give ammunition to anybody else to question why a guy’s not in there.”

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