Sports fans you have been cheated. This is the best time of year for you, or at least it should be. No matter who your football team, they can still make the playoffs, and for the first time that includes college as well. (Well, unless your team is in the Big 10, but you get the point.) The MLB pennant races are heating up. Even Astros fans have much to cheer about with Jose Altuve racking up the most single season hits for an MLB 2nd basemen since 1936. (Do not let the wordiness of the honor fool you; it is a big deal. Passing Craig Biggio and Rod Carew in anything is monumental.)

These things have been over shadowed by legal drama that many times you turn to sports to escape. Today, I remind you that there are still stories to uplift us and legends who are even bigger heroes off the field than on. Robert Brazile sat down with Shaun Bijani and me before he was honored at the Advocare Texas Kickoff for his induction into the Texas Football Hall of Fame.

There were so many breaking stories that I did not post the interview when it occurred, but the conversation made such an impression, I wanted to find a way to share it. Highlighting the positive side of sports is the perfect place to talk about Robert Brazile. You can listen to the entire interview here or to clips throughout the story.

Listen to the Full Interview.

It only takes a few moments with the former Houston Oiler and 7-time Pro Bowler to understand why he was a successful coach after his playing days, but those moments raise other questions. First of all, why hasn’t someone of his caliber been asked to speak to players about transitioning to and from the NFL? A former educator and player and positive role model is the perfect place to start, but this piece is strictly to focus on the positive that already exists.

Listen to Robert Brazile on life after football.

Even if he is still waiting for NFL Hall of Fame induction, he is obviously a football success story. He earned the name Dr. Doom as a fierce pass rusher for the Oilers (Just a reminder, do not argue or compare his 1,281 tackles and 11 sacks with others at his position as stats the majority of his career was played before the sack was a stat.) Brazile is a member of the Black College Football, SWAC, Mobile Sports Hall of Fame, and Texas Gridiron Legends.

Robert Brazile on the Hall of Fame and the Astrodome.

After retiring from the NFL, Brazile spent 29 years coaching high school football in Mobile, Alabama until he underwent a quadruple bypass in 2005. He remained a middle school teacher and coach until two years ago. Now Dr. Doom spends much of his time seniors in the Mobile area and answering to the name “Grandpa”. Brazile has many fond members of his football days and wants to see his beloved Astrodome turned into a museum honoring the greatness of Texans in all walks of life.

Robert Brazile on how he coached for so long.

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