This year, SportsRadio 610 KILT-AM will be celebrating 20 years of covering local sports on the Houston airwaves. To celebrate, we will be posting a variety of digital interviews, videos, pictures, and old on-air clips throughout the rest of the year to this page.

If you have any content that you would like to contribute to this page or have had any previous ties with our station, we encourage you to submit it to and we may just post it!

Since transitioning to an all-sports format in 1994, SportsRadio 610 has had the privilege of partnering with various professional and collegiate sports teams around Houston, including the Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, the UT Longhorns, and the LSU Tigers. SportsRadio 610 has also been the only home of the Houston Texans since the 2002 inaugural season!

Here is a list of the various shows we have had on our station over the past 20 years! (Courtesy of David Barron, Reporter for the Houston Chronicle)

Chris Begala (610 AM, 1994-95)
Mike Edmonds and Ed Fowler (610 AM, 1995-97)
Rich Lord and Kenny Hand (610 AM, 1995-99)
Kenny Hand and Adam Wexler (610 AM, 1999-2000)
Rich Lord and Charlie Pallilo (610 AM, 1999-2005)

John Granato and Lance Zierlein (610 AM, 1997-2007)
Russ Small, John Granato and Lance Zierlein (610 AM, 2001)
Matt Jackson and Jeremy Foster (610 AM, 2000-2001)
Russ Small (610 AM, 2001-2002)
Matt Jackson (610 AM, 2001-2005)

Marc Vandermeer (610 AM, 2002-2005)
Rich Lord and Marc Vandermeer (610 AM, 2005-2007)
Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler (610 AM, 2005-2007)
Marc Vandermeer and Andre Ware (610 AM, 2007-09)
Rich Lord and Matt Jackson (610 AM, 2007-09)

Adam Wexler and Danny Vara (610 AM, 2007-09)
Adam Clanton (610 AM, 2008-09)
Marc Vandermeer and John Lopez (610 AM, 2009-12)
Josh Innes (610 AM, 2009-10)
Adam Wexler (610 AM, 2009)

Barry Warner and Shaun Bijani (610 AM, 2009-12)
Rich Lord and Robert Henslee (610 AM, 2009-10)
Rich Lord and Josh Innes (610 AM, 2010-13)
Mike Meltser (610 AM, 2010-11)
Mike Meltser and Brad Davies (610 AM, 2011-13)

Nick Wright and John Lopez (610 AM, 2012-)
Barry Warner and Fred Davis (610 AM, 2012-13)
Mike Meltser and Seth Payne (610 AM, 2013-)
Fred Davis and Ted Johnson (610 AM, 2013-14)
Barry Warner (610 AM, 2013)

Brien Straw and Paul Gallant (610 AM, 2014-)
Rich Lord, Ted Johnson and Sean Pendergast (610 AM, 2014-)


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