By Garret Heinrich

I love mascots.  Don’t know why.  Maybe because I kind of look like one (large head with disproportionate body and limbs), act like one (walk around with a t-shirt cannon about 40% of the time) and people generally have the same feeling about them as they do me (love them unconditionally or wish them to go away forever).   I’ve recently realized that there is a new second place spot for best mascot not named the Philly Phanatic.  (Sorry, no one passes the Phanitic.  It’s worth going to a horrible Phillies game just to see the Phanatic.)


Orbit, the furry green alien who lives at Minute Maid Park is an absolutely fantastic mascot.   He does such a good job, he’s actually good enough to go see during the rest of this horrible Astros season.  (I’ll be honest.  Orbit kind of looks like the Phanitic and Mrs. Met got together and had a love child.  Actually…that sounds perfect.  Let’s start that rumor.  Orbit is the Phanatic and Mrs. Mets’ love child.  There it’s on the internet.  Let that run.)

Here are 6 reasons Orbit is the second best Mascot in Baseball:

1. He Tries To Play Twister While Teams Stretch:

CoCo doesn’t want to play.

Josh Donaldson and Alberto Callaspo? Nope.

The guys on the bench?

SCREW IT! (But a valiant effort)


2. Creative Signage

To be fair, who didn’t cry during the notebook?

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

3. Ability to try new earthly modes of transportation.


4. Imitations


5. Get’s Jose Batuista to revive his plush mini me!

This is after Joey Bats’ small plush body slammed the Orbit plush.   So really nice of Batuista to help save the day.

6. Gets the players annoyed.


I’m not sure what his issue is with J.P. Arencibia, but it is hilarious


There you have it.  Orbit is really an up and comer in the Mascot world.  The furry green alien is coming.  Probably with a sign to mock J.P.

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