Sam Monson, publisher of Pro Football Focus, joined The B-Straw & Pauly G Show to discuss the Texans first two preseason games. They started out discussing the way they decide ratings for players on his website. He says that Clowney has “immense talent” and he expects to see that every game this season. Monson says the Texans used to have one of the best offensive lines in the league and have let that slip away and so are having to work back towards that now. He says that we know what kind of player Ryan Fitzpatrick is by now and that he is best when he knows what to expect and when things go as planned on the field. Monson says how Fitzpatrick performs will depend on the defense that he faces each week and how much they challenge him. He also commented on how other players like Kendrick Lewis and Brandon Harris have done so far in the preseason games. He thinks that if Case Keenum can iron out some of the kinks in his game then he has some real potential as a quarterback.


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