With the internet becoming more and more integral to everyday life, careers in technology are in higher demand than ever. Consumers are more likely now than ever to make purchases online, with 70 percent of shoppers preferring the ease of online shopping to visiting stores, according to the Wall Street Journal. They also are making more purchases online with mobile devices – more than 60 percent have used a tablet or smart phone to buy something recently.

(Photo Courtesy of John Varghese)

(Photo Courtesy of John Varghese)

John Varghese, Lead SEO Strategist for TopSpot Internet Marketing, helps businesses reach these consumers through online best practices. He talks about how his education and training has helped him in his career.

What degree program did you study?

“I studied for a B.S. in computer information systems.”

What does your current job entail?

“It entails internet marketing for industrial companies, primarily focused on organic search results. As the lead SEO for TopSpot Internet Marketing, I lead and develop the search team, establishing best practices and strategies.”

Do you feel your education prepared you for your current role?

“My degree was completed in the ‘90s so the internet was new as far as being part of the college curriculum. Skills that I did get from my degree were critical thinking skills, problem solving and a basic understanding of programming, databases and algorithms which are essential to my current role. I often tell people my two most worthwhile classes for my degree were Speech 101 and a [course in] Database Design and Development.”

Do you have any advice for people wanting to pursue a similar career?

“Read as much as you can, develop your critical thinking and presentation skills and never, never, never give up. Become a lifelong learner and open to change. This industry changes day-to-day and it takes an effort to keep up. Attempt to be persistent in figuring out how things work and look for opportunities that you can utilize that adds value to your clients. Learn how to articulate this complex knowledge so that others that can understand and can actively collaborate with you to make their marketing efforts soar.”

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