By Brett Dolan

Houston Astros v Tampa Bay Rays
It seems as if Astros fans can be divided into two distinct categories. There are the loyal supporters who will continue to buy into lure of a bright and prosperous future. 2017 World Series Champs? That’s great. But how about trading some of the current players for prospects? Then make it 2020 for the big parade down Texas Street. How about 2025? Even better. That would be a good year to honor the 20th anniversary of the World Series team.

Do you notice when we dream of our respective team’s future- it is almost always bright? Everything looks good in the future. It is the darn present that gets in the way of our enjoyment.

The second group of Astros fans can be described as the frustrated and angry. They have paid into the Fan 401K with patience and diligence for years. Retirement is just around the corner and they would like to cash in the account soon to enjoy some of the rewards. Now they have to go back to work for a few more years.

You may know people in both categories. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of fans who fall in the so called middle ground. The same can be said about the reaction from the Astros deadline deal with the Marlins that sent pitcher Jarred Cosart and Enrique Hernandez (along with Triple-A OF Austin Wates) to Miami for three prospects and a Competitive Balance pick in next year’s draft.

Those that support accumulating prospects and talent will find a lot to like, including third baseman Colin Moran. The former North Carolina star was the sixth overall pick in the 2013 draft. Baseball America profiled Moran to resemble Dave Magadan. Magadan hit .288 over an 18-year big league career that saw him accumulate 1,197 hits. Good, but not great.

Outfielder Jake Marisnick will join Astros from Triple-A New Orleans. Baseball America says, “If he can just improve enough to be an average hitter, he’s got average power, which could make him a very productive center fielder.

I read that line three times. I keep seeing “Average, average and could.” The scouting reports don’t exactly warm the heart. And isn’t George Springer supposed to play center anyway?

Fans that are tired of kicking the can down the road a few more years will bemoan trading a starting pitcher and a local product in Cosart. He was supposed to be one of the important pieces acquired in painful trades, (Hunter Pence to Philadelphia), that would be a key part of the rebuilding. It sure seems like that process is going to take even longer now.

Stop me if you have heard this before, but the key piece could be the draft pick. The selection would come before the second round, a round that the Astros could pick first or second. They have also stockpiled the #2 overall pick already because of the failure to sign this year’s #1 pick, Brady Aiken.

That could be a tremendous haul of amateur talent, assuming the club signs all the picks. Then we can all start dreaming about the 2019 Houston Astros-World Series Champions. I just hope I can find someone to assist me to the parade route. I might not be moving as well in my older age. Oh, and please hold the parade during the day. I don’t know if I will be comfortable driving at night.



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