Update: An earlier version of this post, still available below, incorrectly asserted that Sherman was the instigator in this particular rib, and not Peterson. That appears to be not the case.

So while much of the analysis still holds, seeing as Sherman has repeatedly struck first in digs intended for Michael Crabtree, Darelle Revis and others, in this particular instance he was merely reacting. Quite wittily, I might add.

So, my bad.


Imagine: Richard Sherman making a not-so-subtle jab at another NFL star on Twitter.

Hours after Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson signed a five-year, $70 million deal with $40 million guaranteed, making him the highest paid at the position, the outspoken Seattle Seahawks corner felt the need to engage in a little one-upmanship, tweeting a picture of his Super Bowl ring.

This is not the first time Sherman has engaged Peterson on Twitter. Nor is Peterson Sherman’s only repeat target, on Twitter or anywhere else.

As is the case with most of Sherman’s Twitter tiffs, at issue is whether Sherman is the best cornerback in the NFL — something he feels has been challenged by Peterson’s deal, worth more than the five-year, $58.8 million pact Sherman signed this offseason. Though the guy just seems kind of angry and prone to these things in general, so, who knows.

Sherman’s social media habits are incredibly immature, and at this point teetering on obnoxious, but the ostensible chip on his shoulder seems to be what fuels him — and, yes, what’s made him among the best at the position.

So, beef away, Richard. Beef away.


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