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Bill O'Brien


Bill O’Brien has been quite visible in training camp. Anyone that was expecting a reserved coach who let his coordinators do most of the work would be mistaken. On Wednesday’s morning practice O’Brien could be seen lined up at cornerback with some of the wide receivers walking them through their routes.

O’Brien’s active coaching style is something that he feels is important. He learned from several great coaches throughout his career with Bill Belichick being the often mentioned example. O’Brien doesn’t see much benefit to being a coach that isn’t on the field teaching.

“What are you going to do stand under the shed and drink Gatorade?”, O’Brien joked. “When I see something that I feel is a chance to teach a player on either side of the ball or special teams then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Cornerback Kareem Jackson, who had an interception Wednesday in the morning session praised O’Brien’s energy and his desire to be active.

“We love that about him,” Jackson said. “For him to be hands-on with us and show us what he wants ,it’s definitely a great thing for us.”

When he was asked about O’Brien’s abilities as a corner, Jackson gave a favorable critique.

“He’s got a little movement in his body and a couple skills.”

Players have welcomed O’Brien’s style on the offensive side of the ball as well. Often given the moniker of “Quarterback Guru”, O’Brien has a special relationship with the quarterbacks on his roster. Case Keenum, who is battling to maintain his role as the back-up quarterback on the depth chart, thinks that O’Brien’s consistent voice in his ear makes for a good game-like simulation.

“He’s right there behind the huddle  every play,” Keenum said  “He’s  putting pressure on us and making it the most game like situation that we can.”

O’Brien has brought the energy up at training camp for the Texans. With music blaring in the background and an in-your face persona, O’Brien is trying to maintain a coaching style that is consistent into gameday. Based on the response of his players, it is garnering respect and the desire for daily improvement.

The first year Texans head coach was quick to praise all the coaches he’s worked with in the past that have helped him develop his own style and coaching persona. Being hands-on is something he embraced and enjoys.

“You’re a coach and that’s what you love to do.”

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