HOUSTON (CBS Houston): Its a play that could have been very similar to the hit Jadeveon Clowney laid on Vincent Smith of Michigan in the Outback Bowl New Year’s Day 2013.

However, this is training camp, not a bowl game.  Clowney’s target Monday was his teammate, Dennis Johnson.

Clowney tore through the Texans offensive line as if it weren’t there and was primed to lay a huge blast on Johnson, but as you can tell, he pulled up and rolled off him.


The person who shot the video apparently wanted Clowney to kill his own teammate.  In all fairness, Clowney clearly pulled up so as not to annihilate Johnson.

If Clowney hadn’t pulled up, especially considering how clean JD came through,  Johnson’s season may have been over very fast.

The Texans can’t afford any running back injuries with Arian Foster sitting out practice on Monday.

If this Clowney move looked familiar, this could have been Johnson’s fate had Clowney continued:



Patrick Creighton is the host of “Nate & Creight”, Sundays 2-5p on Sportsradio 610 Houston.  Follow him on Twitter: @PCreighton1

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