By: Maria Perez

The Argentinian Men’s National Soccer Team has moved onto the semifinals of the World Cup for the first time since 1990 and they can’t help but show the world how happy they have been this tournament by posting not one but many shirtless selfies. Here are five highlights of team Argentina’s most revealing Instagram accounts: 

5. Some athletes are more aggressive than others, for instance Ricardo Alvarez (left) taking the no-shirt policy up a notch and ripping his pants off too.

4. Just shirtlessly laughing their way through Group G while everyone else was shaking in their boots. 

3. Another big step forward, another shirt off.

2. Thumbs up indeed Marcos Rojo…

1. Looks like they’re about 85% shirtless for the semifinals, hopefully they’ll take it up to 100% if they win the cup #pray.

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