By: Adam Spolane - SportsRadio 610By Adam Spolane

Earlier Friday, the website BroBible posted a story saying an anonymous tipster gave them the New England Patriots’ Johnny Manziel scouting report. The former Hesiman winner was mentioned as a possibility for the Texans with the number one pick, but this report could shed some light about why he fell all the way down to 22. The Pats seemed to like Manziel’s ability on the field, but it was the off the field issues that had them concerned. Below are some highlights, from three separate reports.


You can read the full report here.


From August 1, 2013

  • “Source at Manning Camp that knows JM well: nothing but positive things to say, mostly with the vibe of, ‘he’s not doing anything differently than you, I, or anyone else did in college’”
  • “From the vibe of online articles, father seems a little too involved and overstepping his boundaries.”
  • “CONCERNS: Off-field behavior/lifestyle”


At this stage, there is nothing to really be concerned about. The report pretty much dismisses the reports that he was kicked out of the Manning Camp.


From August 22, 2013

  • “Vibe on this guy keeps getting worse.”
  • “Support staff members are sick of him and ready for him to go.”
  • “Described as a cocky, me-guy”.
  • “Sources say he’s a spoiled brat (grandfather gives him allowance, father bought him luxury car).
  • “They say he was getting on people’s nerves during the ’12 season, but it went to another level after the (Alabama) game.”
  • “Seems to enjoy putting himself in situations where he knows attention will follow him (TXUN frat party during summer).”


This is right before the start of the season, and it is quite evident the Pats started digging a little more. The part at the end about going to and being kicked out of a Texas frat party is key. He goes to places looking for negative attention. Not exactly something you want from the face of your franchise.


From October 15, 2013

  • “Couple of TXTC sources say can’t yell/scream at him or he shuts down; has walked away from Kingsbury in the past.”
  • “Has an avg. work ethic, came to 4 of 32 summer ’13 workouts, and quit going to in-season workouts late in ’12.”
  • “Doesn’t study the game, said to know about 60% of the offense in ’12, never watches film; one source said only time he watched film during ’12 was before (Alabama game).”
  • “Comes from ‘outlaw bloodlines’, mom moved the family to Kerrville to get away from father’s wild family. Father’s family is said to be very shady people, always into something, they are the root of Johnny’s personality.”
  • “Teammates don’t dislike him, but there’s some resentment, more so in the offseason when he isn’t coming to workouts and they are busting their butt.”
  • “Loner, doesn’t hang out with the guys, but very close with WR Mike Evans.”
  • “Will never take football seriously enough for our coaching staff, he’ll hate meetings, will have to drag him to work out, etc.”
  • “The definition of the word maintenance.”


If this report is authentic, it is what just one team thought of Manziel, but it’s interesting nonetheless. It’s clear the Patriots didn’t think he was worth the risk, and I imagine the other teams that passed on him had the same view of him.




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