by MIKE MELTSER, SportsRadio 610By Mike Meltser

[Editor’s Note: Mike Meltser predicts what will happen during the NFL Draft]

  1. Something shocking will happen on Thursday night (at quarterback). This will involve a decision made at the QB position. Either a team with an incumbent franchise QB selects one in the first round, or a completely unexpected team selects a QB (this could obviously be one and the same).
  2. The Texans will select Jadeveon Clowney if they stay at one, but their next choice at QB will not be made (specifically) with the 33rd overall pick.
  3. Four offensive tackles will be chosen with the first 17 selections in round one. Those four will be Greg Robinson, Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan, and Zack Martin. Teams always need offensive linemen, and the first two are legit blue chip prospects. Lewan is a 4-year starter at LT who is a terrific athlete, and Martin has tremendous versatility

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