HOUSTON (CBS-Houston) – Texas Tech second-year Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury is building something special in Lubbock, Texas. He’s got the resources which includes a beautiful stadium, a State rich with talent, a rabid fan base, youth, and a bright future that spells success.

Kingsbury and his alma mater also have a very competitive schedule that will weigh heavily on where the Red Raiders finish in an extremely competitive Big XII Conference. However, he has existing talent on a team that finished 8-5 in 2013-14. The key is to keep the talent coming. He knows the Texas area very well, especially Houston. On a lighter note, Kingsbury also has other advantages that might work in his favor.

When we leave Lubbock, we relocate to the SEC and discuss the eight game SEC Conference schedule vs. the nine game conference schedule of the Big XII. However, the SEC added a wrinkle to that proposition that will change the dynamic of the entire rivalry idea.

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