AUSTIN (CBS Houston) — In an attack somewhat similar to the “Knockout Game,” a Wendy’s employee was assaulted in what is known as “Smack Cam.”

In the video posted on YouTube, a teenage boy is recorded at an Austin Wendy’s Tuesday night going up to 16-year-old Calaybra Jones pretending to order. The teenager then smacks her across the face before running out into a getaway car.

“Two young kids came in. They pretended like they were going to order,” Calaybra told KTBC-TV. “The first kid, he went out and came back. And I couldn’t hear what he was saying, so I leaned in and the next thing I know, I got hit.”
The beginning of the video shows the three people conspiring about the “Smack Cam” plan against a Wendy’s employee.

“It’s ‘Smack Cam’ at Wendy’s,’” the person recording said, pointing the camera toward the getaway driver and the teenage boy who hit the Calaybra, while also using racial slurs.. “We’re about to get it done.”

After the teen smacks Calaybra they run into the getaway car laughing hysterically.

“There’s nothing funny about it at all. Nothing funny about it and unfortunately, it’s all about the way you raise your children unfortunately. And you just have to be more hands on with your children so that they know that this is just not right,” Carlisha Jones, Calaybra’s mother, told KTBC.

Calaybra said she got really emotional following the incident.

“I was embarrassed, angry and sad,” Calaybra told KVUE-TV.”To me, it just wasn’t real. It didn’t happen. It wasn’t me. Now there’s a video. Anybody can see it.”

KVUE reports that the video was posted on YouTube by Austin rapper Kade Fresco. Fresco did not comment about it.

“Who’s to say this victim wouldn’t fight back? You know if they do it again, who’s to say the other person isn’t going to fight back and cause injury or death to them? And it can escalate,” Austin Police Officer Veneza Bremner told KTBC.

An “assault by contact” police report was filed and the people behind the “Smack Cam” attack could be charged with a Class C misdemeanor and face up to a $500 fine.


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