By Seth Payne

As most of you know, Tom Tynan hosts Home Show Radio on Sports Radio 610 Saturday and Sunday mornings. When I played for the Texans, Tom was a part of my pre-game routine. I’d eat breakfast at the team hotel, then drive over to ‘The Stadium Formerly Known As Reliant’. During the drive I listened to Tom. I found I was able to keep my mind off of football for a bit by listening to Tom explain the dangers of mold or the benefits of on-demand water heaters. It was strangely meditative.

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to film a commercial with Tom for one of the companies he works with, Door Clearance Center. I was supposed to show up and kick in a door. I have to say, this is my greatest (and only) acting work since I was the Boatswain’s Mate in the Victor Central School 4th grade production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore. Much like Matthew McConaughey, I’m coming into my own as an actor after slumming it in the romantic comedy genre.

Many of you will ask, “Seth, what was your motivation in this scene?”

My motivation was that I wanted to kick that freaking door in. Breaking things is fun, and I can appreciate the purity of smashing something for smashing things sake. I’m not like these modern kids that only smash things for money. I smash them for the simple joy of smashing them.

Enjoy, and note the technique.