HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – There are few things more manly than an overgrown beard.

Sure, you can wrestle bears. Punch bricks with your bare hands. Or simply be Liam Neeson.


But let’s be honest. That takes way too much effort. On the other hand, growing a beard is in fact the process of laziness. And this excuse – “Hey bro, my favorite team is in the playoffs and James Harden has an epic beard!” – will give you a reason to MAN UP.

You’ve seen playoff beards before. From the NHL, to Brett Favre, and then the 2013 Red Sox, man has forgone shaving in the name of athletic dominance for decades. According to Wikipedia legend, the original playoff beard dates back to 1980. That year, the New York Islanders grew swarthy beards over the course of a Stanley Cup title run. Why? Per Hall of Fame defender Denis Potvin, the whiskers were “just something that kind of happened” after playing four games in five nights.

Yeah…not a lot of mystique behind that yarn. What happened after was more important, as the Islanders would win four straight Stanley Cups. Just like that, a trend was born.

So let’s create our own trend. One that you can still jump aboard before the Rockets tip off the playoffs Sunday night against the Portland Trailblazers. We – the people of Houston, Texas – in order to begin an Islanders-esque championship run, shall refuse to shave until the Rockets either win the title…or bow out early in the playoffs. Here are the ground rules:

  • Shaving while the Rockets are alive is prohibited.
  • Trimming is optional and only allowed IN BETWEEN rounds.
  • Goatees, mustaches DON’T count. All in to win bros.
  • Post your progress on Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #SR610RocketsPlayoffBeard
  • You may shave ONLY if the Rockets lose early or win the title.



Note: the road to ultimate MANLINESS will likely be patchy and scratchy. One filled with rejections from ladies and potential employers alike. Those sacrifices matter not. Know what the movement is for…

(Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

(Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

…and get on board.

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