Influence is a wonderful tool if used properly. It seems as though the influence of one particular young NCAA champion has helped lead to change which will allow all collegiate athletes to benefit.

Speaking of benefits, what will be the outcome on April 25th when Northwestern football players take a vote to decide whether or not to unionize?

WGN-TV Sports Anchor and longtime “Voice” of Northwestern Wildcat football, Dave Eanet, stops by to lend insight and deliver surprising information on what direction the team could take and talks about the players behind those decisions.  Also, Wildcat’s Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald is one of the most well-known names in college football. What’s his position on unionization and how will this episode affect his ability to coach?

We then take the conversation to College Station as Johnny Manziel prepares for the NFL draft while Head Coach Kevin Sumlin and team prepare for life after Johnny. There’s one man who has covered Texas A&M football for 4 decades and knows the landscape as well or better than any one person who’s ever covered the Aggies. But, with all of his experience, vast relationships, and veteran craftiness, even he is not quite sure how well he got to know “Johnny Football” or who he really is.

Robert Cessna is the Texas A&M beat writer and Executive Sports Editor of The Eagle at His thoughts are honest and surprisingly revealing. Sticking with the subject of quarterbacks, the Aggies lost some experience at the position.

Finally, who is the Bag Man and what’s his primary goal in life?

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