Lorenzo Ward, the South Carolina defensive coordinator, joined SportsRadio 610 to discuss Jadeveon Clowney and what he would bring if the Texans were to draft him as well as what he is like as a player and a person.

For all of the fans that are concerned with Johnny Manziel’s “party lifestyle” they may feel more comfortable with Clowney after Ward revealed that “JD is a fairly quiet young man, he doesn’t drink, he’s not a big partyer, he’ll be a consummate professional.”

Many people are concerned with Clowney not dropping back into coverage but Ward explains “We would have dropped him more but I felt like my boss would be looking at me cross eyed if I dropped Jadeveon instead of rushing the quarterback.”

Ward also addressed how Clowney impacted the game even if he didn’t rack up the sack numbers of his sophomore season “If you look at what each opponent did against us, I think everybody game-planned to make sure that he didn’t destroy their game plan. There’s teams that had two or three guys assigned to him.”  He went on to explain that teams would change the personnel when they played against South Carolina in order to account for Clowney’s presence.

Another South Carolina defensive standout, DJ Swearinger, came up as well when Ward retold a story of their unique relationship, “DJ was the type of young man who didn’t care who you were or what your name was, if he didn’t feel like you was doing something right he got onto you.  I’ll never forget him and Clowney kind of got into it in practice and I thought it was a great thing for us as a defense because I felt we started to grow up and started to develop leadership.  I think it would be great if those two guys played together, they will respect each other and became friends after that situation.”


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