As Heard On The Triple Threat

Houston (CBS Radio)- The Houston Texans cut safety Danieal Manning on Monday.  Manning had been a key part of the Texans defensive turnaround in the first year of the Wade Phillips’ defense.  After a week of negotiating the Texans and Manning could not come to terms on a “pay cut”.

Despite the financial disagreement Manning told The Triple Threat on SportsRadio 610 that he is leaving the team on good terms.

“I wanted to stay here as well,” Manning said.  “They wanted me to stay here but we couldn’t come to a common agreement so we just agreed to disagree”.

The disagreement was primarily financial. “It was more of a numbers, guarantee situation”, but it wasn’t just the money that was a problem for him.

Manning made references to the changing culture and how he might fit into the new team, “I didn’t see at that particular point where I would fit in”.

When he was asked about the timing of the cut he said “You would want them to come at you earlier… It was out of my control.  I was still under contract so I couldn’t just come to them and tell them this is what I wanted.”

There is some speculation that the reason he was cut was because of his broken leg that ended his 2013 season early.  “I’m still doing rehab…. If the season was to start I wouldn’t be able to perform the first week”.  Fortunately, for Manning the season does not start this week “I may be six, eight weeks out”.

As for the Texans going forward Manning is quite optimistic,  “The organization will do the best, and I think they  have done the best for the City of Houston and they continue to do the best for the team.”  For fans that are unsure of the moves that the team is making Manning has one piece of advice “You have to trust the organization.”