By Garret Heinrich

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – It may be more important than James Harden playing 35 strong minutes of defense.  It may be more important than Jeremy Lin playing consistantly behind The Otter.  It may (but probably isn’t) more important than getting the national media to pick up on Patrick Beverly’s amazing nickname.

It’s getting this amazing projection technology at the Toyota Center!

The Cavaliers (THE CAVALIERS WHO ARE IN CLEVELAND!) have it.  Why don’t the Houston Rockets.   Maybe the Cavs spent all their extra money on the sweet 3D visuals for the court, but I say it was well worth it.

How awesome would this be to see a projection of The Dream on the court before games, the introductions of the players coming out and making the opposing players fall into the pit of despair when they step on the court.

You could probably even play Astros and Texans games during halftime on the court.  Think of the possibilities of this technology for the halftime shots.

Let’s get this done.  What do we do? Can we cut someone? Hike beer prices up another dollar? I think anything is a go just to get this technology.

Then of course I would want to use it for evil and turn the floor into water while the Thunder are taking free throws.

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