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Houston (CBS Houston) – Warren Moon knows a thing or two about what it takes to play quarterback in Houston. After spending ten years with the Oilers, when the Hall of Fame quarterback talks, Houstonians listen.

On Wednesday morning, Moon joined In The Loop with Nick Wright and John Lopez to offer his opinion on Johnny Manziel.

“You’re talking about taking a guy number one overall in the draft and he’s 5’11. He didn’t really run that fast at the combine, only about a 4.6 which was closer to a 4.7, so you are talking about a small guy that’s not very fast in an NFL that’s big strong and fast,” Moon said. “He likes to run around and make plays and he was able to do that in college. I just don’t know how well that’s going to transition into the National Football League.”

Moon clarified that he wasn’t saying Manziel couldn’t make it in the NFL, but he would think twice before selecting him with the number one overall pick.

“I need to see a little bit more of him as a pocket passer because that’s where quarterbacks in the National Football League are going to make their money,” Moon said. “All the running around and creating plays is great, but when it boils down to it, you have to be able to sit in the pocket and make throws.”

If Manziel is unable to adjust the speed and complexity of NFL defenses, Moon could see his career path following that of fellow Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow.

“As a college quarterback, he was one of the greatest to ever play, but so was Tim Tebow,” Moon said. “He had a tough time making that transition because he was that same style of quarterback.”

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