HOUSTON (CBS Houston) — Passengers aboard a Phoenix-bound flight saved a baby who stopped breathing Tuesday.

KSAZ-TV reports that US Airways Flight 678 made an emergency landing in Houston after the incident. Passengers say that medics on the flight saved the baby, who had stopped breathing and was turning purple.

“I saw a gentleman rushing towards the front, they needed help and we were told a baby was in distress,” a female passenger told KSAZ.

Passenger Andy Russick told Bay News 9 that a man sitting next to him took the baby from the grandmother and started administering aid.

“They immediately went to work and called for anybody who had medical training,” the female passenger told KSAZ. “There are people that assisted and we’re told there would be an emergency landing and everything went smoothly. “Everyone was invested and we heard the baby cry … it was a teary moment for everyone.”

Passengers erupted in cheers when they heard the baby cry.

“It was a miracle on Flight 678,” the female passenger told KSAZ. “God put those folks on the plane and they needed them to take care of the baby.”

The plane landed in Phoenix at 9 p.m. PT.

There is currently no word on the baby’s condition.


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