By Garret Heinrich

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Texans have a decision to make on who they will take with the number one overall pick at this year’s NFL Draft. Pro Football Hall of Famer and Former Houston Oilers quarterback Warren Moon doesn’t believe that person should be Johnny Manziel.

Joining Doug & Wolf on Arizona Sports 98.7FM in Phoenix on Wednesday Moon talked about how unsure he is about Manziel’s ability to translate to the pro game.

“Would I take him number one overall,” Moon asked himself. “I don’t think I would take that type of risk right now…The number one overall pick [has] to be a guy that’s sure fire. He [has] to be a guy that has to maybe come in and start right away for your franchise and I don’t know if [Manziel is] ready to do that.”

Moon doesn’t think the 2012 Heisman Trophy Winner has shown enough skills in college that would translate to the professional game.

“I need to see more of him, as far as, a quarterback in the pocket,” Moon said of Manziel. “Johnny Manziel is a very exciting player. He’s a guy that can move around and make things happen with his legs and I see most of his plays made doing it that way.”

“I have to see more about him throwing from the pocket and how well he’ll stand up in the National Football League. If he runs around as much as he did college he’s going to take a tremendous amount of beating in the NFL and I don’t know how long he’ll last.”

Ron Wolfley, 10 year NFL veteran, asked Moon if Manziel reminds Moon of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Moon thought while some similarities are there the off the field demeanor is drastically different.

“There are certain characteristics that remind me of Russell Wilson, as far as the escape-ability,” Moon said. “But Russell is more than that. [Russell] is the consummate professional.”

“You wont have any of the off the field stuff or questions about Russel Wilson that we have about Johnny Manziel and some of the decision making that he made while he was in college. Those things worry you when taking a guy to be a leader and the face of the franchise. You want a guy that you can count on that will make the right decisions out there in the public.”

“The things he’s saying right now in the draft process, putting a gun basically to the head of the Houston Texans and saying ‘you better draft me first or you’re going to regret that.’ You don’t say that to football teams.”

Manziel did back off his comments a bit while at the combine saying his statement about a team regretting not taking him in the draft was directed at every team and not just the Texans.

If Manziel isn’t the guy for the Texans Moon does like both the other two prospects projected to possibly go to the Texans with the top pick.

“I like Teddy Bridgewater and I also like Blake Bortles,” Moon said. “[Bortles] is a guy that I think is an up-and-comer. He comes out of a good system at Central Florida. I think Teddy Bridgewater because of the system he came out of at Louisville, a very advanced passing system, a west coast passing game, he’s probably the most prepared to play right away. Blake Bortles has a bigger upside.”

Moon also pointed to Clowney as someone who shouldn’t go number one overall because a lot more goes into football then just 40 times.

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