LAFAYETTE, La. (CBS Houston) — A Lafayette homeowner’s association forced a military family to take down a “Welcome Home” sign welcoming back a Naval officer from deployment.

KATC-TV reports that a lawyer from the Frenchman’s Creek subdivision sent a letter to Judi Pellegran, mother of Petty Officer 3rd Class Anthony Marsiglia, stating that the banner that was hanging outside her home welcoming back her son must be taken down.

“I’m just not quite understanding why it can’t stay up and they haven’t been able to explain that to me,” Pellegran said. The family did take down the sign.

Pellegran told KATC that the family made the sign to help Marsiglia’s 8-year-old daughter cope with her father being gone for the past four years.

“He’s out there and he’s left his daughter, that’s hard already for him,” Pellegran said. “This is how she keeps him in her heart every day and clearly, if you see the house, it’s pretty much a homage to her daddy.”

Marsiglia’s daughter Alex just wants her father, who is stationed out of Norfolk, Va., to come home.

“I miss him and I’m proud of him. I wish he wasn’t in the Navy,” she said. “I love him big.”

The homeowner’s association told KATC that the banner can be up two weeks before he gets home and two weeks after. Marsiglia is expected to be back home in a few weeks.

“I would think that anyone would honor that and that’s certainly the way we feel,” Pellegran told KATC. “We just want the world to know how proud we are of him.”

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