Houston (CBS  HOUSTON) — Former New York Giants quarterback and Super Bowl champ Jared Lorenzen spoke with Sean and Rich about the viral Vine video that emerged earlier this week showing the large left-hander playing for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters indoor football team.

Lorenzen, who weighed in at a debatable 320 pounds for the Continental Indoor Football League at the time, talked with Sean and Rich about the publicity suddenly coming from the viral video, and his history playing the quarterback position that has seen him assigned nicknames such as “The Hefty Lefty” and the “Pillsbury Throwboy.”

“It shocked the heck out of me, because there weren’t that many people there,” Lorenzen said about the indoor football game where the video was taken. “And I guess somebody thought it would be funny to get the fat kid running around, and said, ‘Let’s tape that,’ make a couple people and his buddies laugh.”

“Man, I got back to my cell phone and it was just about dead from all the texts, and opened up Twitter and it finally hit that – I had Jim Rome tweetin’ out about it, I had a whole bunch of people in Kentucky tweetin’ out about it – you never really know how it’s gonna take off, and then it just flew all throughout the night and the next morning.”

Lorenzen said he has embraced the nicknames created about his weight, even with some simply calling him “that fat quarterback.”

“I love ‘em, I absolutely love them,” said Lorenzen. “In college there were websites dedicated to nicknames for me … I have fun with them.” He said “J-Lo” was his obvious favorite in the hopes that one day another celebrity given that nickname, Jennifer Lopez, would want to meet him.

Although the viral Vine video has created newfound buzz around Lorenzen’s weight, his history is steeped in being a big passer. Vine is a Twitter-owned mobile app that allows users to create short, six-second videos that compacts content into looping clips.

Lorenzen was signed by the Giants as an undrafted free agent in 2004 after playing college football at the University of Kentucky. He earned a Super Bowl Ring as the backup quarter to Eli Manning during the Giants’ 2008 Super Bowl XLII win over the New England Patriots. After being released by the Giants in 2008, he worked at various management positions before returning to play indoor football.

“I tell everybody I came out of womb at 13.3,” said Lorenzen. “I’ve been big from literally day one. I’ve always been big, my weight in New York was high-280s, low 290s … I just feel comfortable playing football at this weight.”

Sean and Rich asked how Lorenzen manages to play one of the toughest positions in all of pro sport at such a weight.

“I wish I could say there was this magic formula that I did but I was just really lucky, I got blessed with relatively good footwork, I was able to do the latter drills and all that it takes to be a quarterback and the other part was just me being big.”

Lorenzen noted that during Giants practices, he was the second-string guy going against the number one defense. “I’m going against Justin Tuck as a rookie, and (Michael) Strahan … I’m going to move my feet and get the heck outta the way.”

“You know when you got 300-some odd pound guys chasing you; ya tend to move a little faster, too.”

Sean and Rich called into question is weight, with Lorenzen joking with the two that he has fudged the numbers in the past, but now is more honest about his weight.

“Is 320 accurate for where you are right now, tell the truth?”

“Sure,” said Lorenzen.

He denied the number “4” being on the front-end of his weight.

“You mean like 324?” he said to laughter.

“I’m not there, that’s the cut of my thing, I’ve always kinda kept my weight to myself and I’ve finally listed myself closer to where I actually am. In college I listed myself at 268. I wasn’t that.”

No matter what league Lorenzen is playing in, he said it’s his love of them game that keeps him going. Although he admits the newfound viral video is bringing some good publicity for the indoor football league.


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