Dallas, Tex. (CBS HOUSTON) — Single Americans are spending very little money finding dates or going out on dates, with 88 percent of singles reporting that they spend nothing on focused dating efforts.

A study of sex and relationships from Match.com of more than 5,000 single Americans over the age of 18 found that singles are not spending much money on dates, and the majorities are “fine” with relationships including mixed marriages, couples who choose not to have children and those who have children out of wedlock.

Singles spend an average of nearly $60 each month on a range of dating activities including the finding of dates, online dating services, and actually going out on the dates. Dating-related services only accounted for an average of $5.69 spent on average each month. Eighty-eight percent said they had spent “nothing” on focused dating efforts and 38 percent said they spent nothing on any dating-related activities at all.

However, singles spent an average of $55.84 each month to simply go out and socialize.

Census data from 2013 estimates that there are more than 100 million single adults living in the U.S. And experts say that the amount singles are spending on dates is quite low.

“A lot of singles are not dating at all,” Rutgers anthropologist Helen Fisher, who helped Match.com organize the 137-question survey, tells USA Today. “I suspect that all of these singles who are not dating are radically reducing the average dollars spent on dating” that the survey found.

The survey also asked singles what they were “fine” with in terms of relationship and sexual behavior.

Twenty percent of singles said that having sex on a first date is either “somewhat appropriate” or “very appropriate.” Eighty percent of those surveyed disagreed, with more than half (54 percent) saying that sex on a first date is “not at all appropriate.”

Forty-three percent of singles said that a date should last between one to two hours, and more than half (54 percent) said they think a good first date should last between two to four hours.

Fifteen percent of men said it would be “ideal” to have sex every day, and 12 percent of women agreed. All ages of people surveyed said that sex two to three times each week would be ideal.

Formerly “taboo” relationships are also considered “fine” by a majority of those surveyed. Interfaith, interracial, and same-sex marriage were all supported by a solid majority. Fifty-three percent of those surveyed are fine with people having children out of wedlock, and 77 percent are fine with long-term partners who don’t get married.

Match.com is a Dallas-based online matchmaking service that serves 25 countries across five continents.


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