Will Grubb, SportsRadio 610By Will Grubb

Houston (CBS Houston) – The Texans announced the hiring of 16 coaches on Wednesday. Based on the Texans team release, here’s a quick look at how the new coaches break down. Keep in mind that some assistant coaches resumes can be hard to track down.

Eight of the 16 are coming to Houston by way of Penn State

According to the release, Bernhardt, Butler, Fitzgerald, Hayes, Lawing, Kelly, London, and Midget were at Penn State with O’Brien. Additionally, tight ends coach John Perry has known O’Brien for years. The two  coached together at Brown.

Six of the 16 have NFL coaching experience in the last five years

According to the information available, Bernhardt, Butler, Colman, Fitzgerald, Hayes, Lawing, Kelly, Midget, Perry and Vrabel have not coached for an NFL team in the last five years.

Three of the 16 were out of football last year

Crennel, Colman, and Pleasant did not coach last year (As far as we can tell).

Two coaches will jump from the FCS to the NFL

Doug Colman didn’t coach last year, but spent 2012 at the FCS level with Coastal Carolina. John Perry jumped directly from the FCS level to the NFL after spending last season as the passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach at the University of Delaware.



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