By Garret Heinrich

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON)Friday morning Renaldo Wynn stopped by MaD Radio with Mike Meltser and Seth Payne and caused a stir with comments concerning Gregg Williams receiving playbooks and game-plans of opposing teams dating back to at least 1999.

The game Wynn specifically recalled Williams telling him about having a game-plan or playbook was the 1999 AFC Championship game where Williams’ Tennessee Titans beat a Jacksonville Jaguars team that had Wynn and Payne on it. Stopping a year which the Jaguars lost only to the Titans that Williams was the defensive coordinator.

On Monday, Wynn talked to Meltser & Payne to clarify some of the comments from Friday about the situation.

“It’s important that I do clarify,” Wynn said. “Somewhere along the way someone said ‘stolen’ playbook. Just to clarify I never said stolen.”

On Friday Wynn said about his first meeting with Gregg Williams after becoming a Washington Redskin player, “He said he had our play book. Greg Williams had our play book. Our game-plan on offense. [He] had our playbook.” He also said, on Friday, about Williams receiving the playbooks, “I know how he got them,” Wynn said. “He started getting playbooks when I was with him.”

Wynn, on Monday, backtracked on the amount of information he knew about a playbook or a game-plan received by Gregg Williams both in 1999 before the AFC Championship Game and with his time with the Redskins.

“The first time I ever even met or even talk to Gregg Williams,” Wynn said to MaD Radio. “He jabs me right there in the side there and says ‘Hey we had your playbook.’ I’m hot man. And as I got to know Gregg, Gregg is the biggest trash talker that you’ll probably ever meet in your life.”

“I never seen the playbook, but at the end of the day, Gregg is a trash talker so, how seriously did I take it? At the end of the day [The Jaguars] still had to win the game, period.”

The way Williams received the playbook never came to light. Wynn stood by his comments that he took the statement seriously but it could have just been trash talk.

“I’ve never seen [a playbook], he never showed it to me. You know, He never went into detail. But just understanding who Gregg is, you know, he is a trash-talker.”

The game-plan and the playbook are much different as the game-plan breaks down which plays are run for that certain week while the playbook is everything that could be possibly called for an entire season and many coaches have the playbooks of other coaches from just working with them. On Friday, Wynn did say it was a game-plan. He also said it was a playbook. On Monday, he was a little more vague and implied emotions might have played a part.

“He didn’t go into detail, and say, ‘hey we had’ you know, but you leave that for assumption,” Wynn said Monday. “And you can imagine my whole thing. I’m just as upset because I’m like, that was the closest opportunity I got to playing in the Super Bowl. So when you say ‘Hey man we had your playbook.’ I didn’t say, ‘Okay, well, give me exact details.’ I was just so pissed. Are you kidding me. So you can imagine my mind is going to, Okay man we did have a chance to win could this have been the case.”

“But then as I got to know Gregg, spending time around him, he’s a trash talker. He’s the biggest trash talker I’ve ever been around. And a lot of times he would say stuff and you would kind of just take as a grain of salt. And really just understanding who he is as a person and the competitiveness of Gregg. A lot of times he would do stuff strategically to get guys hyped up.”

When asked directly, on Monday, if Wynn knew if Williams had the playbook or the game-plan for the 1999 AFC Championship game, Wynn didn’t know.

“He didn’t clarify one way or the other. Was it just him jabbing at me? Because, obviously, just going back to those heated rivalry days. You know, I don’t know. But again, the same words I said to you guys when I was at the Super Bowl, those were his exact words. ‘Hey man we had your playbook.’ What does that mean? I’m not sure. All I know is, heck we did lose three times to them.”

Wynn didn’t expect the story to get as much attention as it did, but understands that Williams’ ties to the New Orleans Saints ‘Bounty-Gate’ situation that saw him suspended for a full year, certainly propelled his statement into taking off.

“I know just already from the stuff that has already been done,” Wynn said about Williams history in the league. “It’s something that is more easily to believe than not. But all I’m saying is, I can’t tell you one way or another.”

In the end Wynn thinks that Jaguars team was good enough to be in the Super Bowl against the St. Louis Rams.

“I felt that year (1999) that we were the best team. Not only in the AFC but in the NFC. If you look at our numbers, we were probably, not just heavy on offense, but also defense. We were right there defensively. Causing turnovers and playing very effective football on both sides as well as our special teams too. I would say we were probably the most balanced team.”

Listen to the full interview with Renaldo Wynn right here:

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