Got up a bit early in midtown Manhattan on Thursday and jumped on the subway downtown to the Staten Island Ferry. Mom (Agnes to many of our listeners who have heard her call the show over the years) is now living there. The visit went well, as my soon-to-be 86 year-old Mom had good energy and still had the snap to crack a few jokes and show that she has retained her sarcastic sense of humor. A welcome sign.

On the way back to Manahattan, I shot a few pictures from the ferry. Definitely one of the cooler attractions of the city. Great views and great memories as the Staten Island Ferry is probably something I first started riding about 50 years ago.

Rich on the ferry

Not quite a half-century ago, I took a few late-night rides on the ferry as part of a few different prom nights during my high school years. Sadly, the tragedy of 9-11 brought an end to the days when motor vehicles were welcome on the ferry. Authorities determined that the risk of someone packing a bomb in their car on the ferry was just too great. Really sad.


The ban on vehicles on the ferry also ended a long-standing tradition of kids on prom night having a good time in the city, then showing up in their limos for a roughly 4 am round trip on the ferry to cap off prom night. The return trip to the city from Staten Island with the skyline brightly lit is one of those fond high school memories that will always be with me. As I’ve said before…..I LOVE NEW YORK!



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