As Heard On MaD Radio

Marshall Faulk joined MaD Radio and Mike Meltser tries to rid him of the idea that Matt Schaub could be the Texans starting QB next year.

“Sometimes you need to look back before you judge on in front of you,” Faulk said. “I mean do you want David Carr? Who do you want? It’s easy to say you want someone.  Tell me who you want?”

Mike Meltser answered Faulk by saying he wanted Teddy Bridgewater, the Louisville quarterback who many project as the best player in the draft.

“And you know he can do it.  You know that,” the Hall of Famer retored. “It’s the normal thing in life to ask for the unknown instead of the known. And the only known you have about Matt is Matt had a bad year this year.  It’s not like Matt has not been a reliable quarterback.   You have to remember that before this defense had a shot at stopping anyone Matt Schaub and this offense put up a lot of points to help win games for his city and his team.  So just pump your breaks.”

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