WILL GRUBB, Sports Radio 610By Will Grubb

Houston (CBS Houston) – A day after a judge ordered both sides in the Arian Foster/Brittany Norwood case to stay away from each other, Sports Radio 610 has learned the two sides will enter ‘settlement negotiations’.

Douglas York, Norwood’s attorney, said he expects things to quiet down for the time being as the two sides attempt to reach a settlement.

Norwood is 17 weeks pregnant with a child she claims was fathered by Foster. In the lawsuit obtained by Sports Radio 610, Norwood also claims that Foster “intentionally or recklessly engaged in a pattern of extreme and outrageous conduct that caused the petitioner (Norwood) to suffer severe emotional distress.”

Norwood also claims damages including ‘reasonable and necessary medical expenses’, ‘loss of earnings’, and ‘physical pain, suffering, and mental anguish in the past.’

Foster has filed a response denying Norwood’s claim to damages. In what is standard language for a lawsuit involving paternity, Foster indicated that if the child is his, he wishes to have a joint managing conservativeship.

Foster has yet to publicly comment on the paternity of the child. Sports Radio 610 has also reached out to the Texans, they have no comment on the situation.

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