WILL GRUBB, SportsRadio 610By Will Grubb

Houston (CBS Houston) – With the off-season in full swing for the Texans, SportsRadio 610 was able to get some of the players’ reaction to the hiring of Bill O’Brien.

Safety Danieal Manning didn’t know much about O’Brien but one incident stuck in his mind.

“All I know is his name. I know that he’s the head coach of the Houston Texans and that he worked under Bellichik,” Texans’ safety Danieal Manning told SportsRadio 610. ”I’ve just seen the track record that he had with Penn State. With what they were going through and I saw how successful he was there.”

“I’ve seen that episode where he got on Tom Brady about some play or whatever. I remember that incident.” Manning said. ”I appreciate coaches that are passionate.”

Center Chris Myers said he’s done his research on O’Brien and he likes what he sees.

“From every point of angle that I’ve been able to see he’s a great coach and I’m really anxious to meet him in person.” Myers told SportsRadio 610 “I think they hit a home run with him.”

O’Brien will bring with him a temperament that most Texans players aren’t used. He will also bring a new offensive scheme.

“It’s going to be a different coaching style, for sure, than what we are used to but I think that’s one thing that’s going to be able to get that fresh start going.” Myers said. “If it means that we are going to be able to get back to the winning ways then so be it.”

For Brian Cushing, O’Brien’s attitude is a welcomed sight.

“This is may be what the organization needed. To have this much talent and for that to happen is obviously unacceptable.” Cushing said. “We needed a little bit of a spark, a little bit of a change and I think that’s what coach O’Brien brings.”

There’s still no word on whether the Texans will favor a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense but Cushing will be ready for both.

“I’ve become a little comfortable, I  guess you could say, in the 3-4 the last couple of years.” Cushing said.” But I’m also a guy that’s versatile and can play in pretty much in any scheme.”

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