HOUSTON (CBS Houston) — A father is shown videotaping driving alongside his young son who is being forced to run in the road for football training.

The video of the unidentified father went viral on WorldStarHipHop.com and has been viewed over 730,000 times as of Wednesday morning.

The video shows the dad berating and cursing at his son while he is driving in his car.

“You’re in football training. This is how we train for football,” he says in the video. “Daddy drives and you run. Get your little a** in shape. C’mon, faster Yates!”

He then curses at his son to pick it up because he feels he is running too slow.

“We’re going 8 miles an hour. Pick that sh*t up. C’mon faster!” the dad yelled at his son.

The son responds that he is going as fast as he can but the dad snaps at him.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses,” the dad said. “Do you want to play for the Texans or the Cowboys?”

The boy stops at one point, telling his dad his hips were hurting him. The dad didn’t care, telling him to continue running and then had the child run in front of the car leading into the driveway.

“You better run. I’m gonna run your a** over,” the dad says while honking the horn at his son. “You better hurry up.”

At the end of the video the dad says he got his son up to 10 mph and into a “whole other gear.”

The child is then shown running into the house when the video stops.

The father in the video has not been identified.

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