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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Texan’s first round draft pick, DeAndre Hopkins, joined MaD Radio to discuss the hectic week with his first head coach being fired, how he has reacted to it and what Bob McNair told the team when he addressed them on Monday.

“I am happy that [McNair] did that.  It speaks a lot about him and what he stands for.  To address us as a man to tell us that losing isn’t acceptable and that he is doing what he had to do to change.  Basically he told us that, you know, you guys can be replaceable as well but we have the talent but we have to go out there and play.”

As a rookie, Hopkins is already experiencing his first coaching change with the firing of Head Coach Gary Kubiak on Friday, but he’s looked to veteran Andre Johnson for help on how to handle it.

“It was crazy, but with guys like Andre [Johnson] that’s been through stuff like that before, he kind of helped me.”  Hopkins reached out and called Johnson to find out how to handle the “hectic” it.  “[Johnson] was like, ‘just do what you do. Don’t try to change anything.  Don’t worry too much about the situation. Just go out there and play football.’ Andre Johnson helping me out made it a whole lot better.”

Hopkins also took a look at his first season in the NFL, through 13 games.

He has had some solid games on the year, most notably when Johnson left the second game of the season with a concussion.  In that, the last Texans win, he had seven catches for 117 yards and the game winning touchdown in overtime.

But those types of games have been few and far between.  Currently the rookie has 44 receptions for 707 yards and only two touchdowns.

When asked by MaD radio what he would grade his season Hopkins looked at his year very honestly.

“I’m a hard critiquer of myself, man, and my team success isn’t well right now and that’s first,” Hopkins said. “I’m going to have to give myself a ‘C’.”

Despite a mediocre year by his own standards, Hopkins is not losing confidence in his ability.  He knows that the NFL is a tough league, but he also knows where his strengths lie.

“In the NFL you’re not going to get too much separation from defensive backs, you know, unless you run a double move or something like that,” Hopkins said about his ability to dominate in the air. “You have to make tough catches in tough situations and my mind set is no matter where the defender is the ball is mine.”

The Texans travel to Indianapolis Sunday to try and break their franchise record 11 game losing streak.



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